Meet the Patronage Committee


Viola Amherd

Federal Councillor

“Kandersteg International Scout Centre has achieved a lot and done great work during its 100 years of existence. In the region, it is associated with tourism, the mountains and railway history; Internationally, as the World Scout Centre, it has become a meeting place for thousands of young people from all cultures around the world. I look forward to the birthday celebration in 2023 and wish KISC a continued successful future!”


Guido Albisetti

CEO Family Office Von Graffenried Group

“A stay at KISC: essential and unforgettable for all members of World Scouting”.

Jean-Philippe Moser

Chair, Swiss Scout Movement

“Kandersteg International Scout Centre is an important point of connection between Switzerland and the world. Such places of exchange between countries and cultures contribute to a better world – and are more important than ever in today’s world.”

Barbara Blanc

Former Chair and Honorary Member PBS

“The Scout Movement Switzerland (PBS) is proud to have Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC) in the country for 100 years. Here, young adults from all countries of the world take responsibility for each other and their guests. Campfires, fun, and games, peaceful get-togethers across national borders and with the incredible nature so close by to be enjoyed, the values of Scouting can be carried out to the outside world. The commitment of all those involved in KISC, therefore, deserves great respect and appreciation. PBS is very much looking forward to the festive year and the associated international experiences that our members can have and which will bring the world a little bit closer to them.”

Bruno Gimelli

Entrepreneur, Zollikofen near Bern

“The best investment is the investment in youth”.

Jürg Grossen

Member National Council of Switzerland, Entrepreneur, Frutigen

“The International Scout Centre in Kandersteg is a place where young people from all over the world meet. It is enormously important that today’s generation develops an idea of how to deal with nature and the world in a sustainable way in the future. The 100th anniversary of Kandersteg International Scout Centre is the best opportunity to bring young people together and have this discussion. That is why I support this great institution with full conviction.”

Brigitte Häberli-Koller

First Vice-President of the Council of States of Switzerland, Thurgau

“In Kandersteg International Scout Centre, the idea of an international meeting place for young people from all over the world has been successfully lived for 100 years. It is thus a role model for intercultural exchange and the promotion of youth. Great that we have this institution in the heart of Switzerland. It deserves our support”.

David Jenny

Member, Great Council (parliament) of the Canton of Basel-Stadt

“During my time as a member of the Federal Board of PBS (Swiss Scout Movement) and as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Scout Homes Foundation Switzerland, I was a guest at the World Scout Centre in Kandersteg several times. My lasting impression: a great programme, a very committed team and all this in the heart of the Swiss Alps. I very much regret that I never made it to KISC as an active Scout. I hope all the more that Kandersteg will continue to attract Scouts from all over the world for the next 100 years.”

Brigitt Küttel

CEO, Stiftung.ch , Zürich

“I have countless wonderful memories of Kandersteg International Scout Centre. Again and again I am impressed by the development that KISC has seen in the almost 40 years since I have known it. The experiences that young people from all over the world can have in the unique surroundings of Kandersteg and in the Centre itself are priceless. And the way KISC is run together by people from all over the world, by a few paid staff and many volunteers, is active and sustainable peace work. An absolutely unique institution!”

Adolf Ogi

Former President, Switzerland, Jegenstorf and Kandersteg

“Even as a little boy, I knew the Scout Centre in Kandersteg well. I spent many hours with my father on the impressive grounds of the Centre and saw how valuable togetherness and exchange among different nationalities is for our world. It is a great joy for me that the World Scout Centre can celebrate its 100th anniversary in my beloved Kandersteg. Kandersteg is therefore an important place for this world!”

Albert Rösti

Member, Federal Councillor of Switzerland and Entrepreneur, Uetendorf

“It is a great pleasure to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the International Scout Centre in my hometown of Kandersteg! It fascinates me how the Scout Centre brings so many young people together every year, fosters their personal development and forges a connection with the whole world. Quite a few guests return later to relive their memories, their adventures in nature and old friendships. This is a real boost for the region and the local economy, and I am extremely happy to be able to support the celebrations of KISC’s 100th anniversary!”

Michela Troyanov

Member, Board of Directors, Postfinance, Geneva

“The Kandersteg International Scout Centre is a unique place where true values, pristine nature, good will, hope and joy unite to create the Best our World could be. Let‘s join and celebrate ! Let‘s get inspired and share ! Proud to be part of it.”


Aidan Jones

Chair, Kandersteg International Scout Centre Association, Kandersteg

“My ambition is for the Centre to continue to grow, develop and succeed. And I believe that KISC’s centenary in 2023 provides us with a fantastic opportunity to focus our efforts and achieve more than ever before.”

Thijs Stoffer

Member, Kandersteg International Scout Centre Foundation

“I strongly believe in the value of the Permanent Mini Jamboree, and as former Chair of the Association, I continue to be committed to contribute to KISC’s growing success.”

Beat Wenger

President, Kandersteg International Scout Centre Foundation

“It is very gratifying to observe young people from all over the world getting empowered and inspired for their lives while dedicating their effort to provide our guests with the best possible KISC experience. This is, what makes KISC the International Home of Scouting for the World Organization and the Scouts the world over.”


Throughout the year, we will gather in Kandersteg to celebrate 100 years of inspiring young people to create a better world.


Our vision is that the centenary will be the beginning of the next 100 years with Baden-Powell’s dream of a Permanent Mini Jamboree.


Kandersteg International Scout Centre has been run by volunteers since 1923. Join the team that creates lifelong memories.