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Are you ready for a challenge?

Are you ready for a challenge? Why not enter our KISC100! Challenge with the chance to win an amazing trip to KISC in 2023 to come and celebrate our 100th birthday! This contest is exclusive to registered WOSM and WAGGGS scouts and guides.

The KISC logo is a crystal made up of 6 fleur-de-lis representing the 6 World Scouting Regions united as one and is symbolic of the important role that KISC plays in connecting Scouts from all around the world.

For our Centenary contest, we have 6 KISC themed challenges for you to complete in the following weeks. Complete all 6 and send us evidence of your efforts –we can’t wait to see what you have done!

The 6 Challenges

High Adventure Challenge

The Lötschenpass hike is one of KISC’s best-loved guided hikes. It reaches a height of 2690m above sea level. Recreate this hike by walking up 2690 steps. If this is not practical for your situation, you can choose your own suitable physical challenge. Send us a photo of your amazing achievement!

Eco Adventure Challenge

The Nature Explorers workshop at KISC encourages us to connect with and care for our natural environment. Find a tree and make friends with it. Give it a name, a hug, draw a picture or write a poem about it, anything goes. Send us a photo of your creativity! If you can’t find a tree, choose a different natural subject.

International Friendship Challenge

International friendship is important at KISC. Find more international friends and connect virtually with Scouts from around the world on social media or other means. Tell us in a text file or a photo three facts you have learnt about Scouting in a different country.

Pinkie Challenge

How pink can you go? At KISC, the staff are known as Pinkies because of their glorious pink uniform. See how well you can embrace the colour by showing us your best pink outfit in a photo.

Swiss Culture Challenge

The Swiss culture is a very special part of the KISC experience. For this challenge, we would like you to have a go at yodelling! Send us a video (1 minute max) of your musical efforts.

100 years Challenge

In 2023, KISC will be 100 years old and we are really looking forward to receiving lots and lots of birthday cards! Start the celebrations off for us by sending us a birthday greeting. This could be a card, a video, a photo or even a song! (videos 1 minute max).

Entry Rules

  • To participate, you must be a registered WOSM/WAGGGS scout or guide.
  • By taking part in this contest, you would give your consent to KISC to process your data according to the KISC Privacy Policy. You would agree that KISC uses your personal data (including photos and submitted content) online (website, social media sites, newsletters) and/or in print (publications, advertisements, exhibitions, displays, magazines) for KISC promotional purposes according to the Privacy Policy. For inquiries, please contact
  • Please send only 1 file for each of the elements of the Challenge (maximum 6 files in total). Videos must be a maximum of 60 seconds.
The closing date for entries is 23:59 GMT on Founders Day-Tuesday 22nd February 2022. After this time, the form will be disabled.

How to Enter

To enter this challenge, you will have to fill out a form hosted by Google, therefore, you need to have a Google Account. If you don’t have one and don’t know how to do this or if you need technical support in any of the steps of the process, we are happy to help you at Please send an email with the subject “Submit my Challenge support” and we will guide you in the process or answer any questions.

Click to upload your evidence here

Log in to your  Google account and these are the next steps you will need to follow:

  • We will require your contact information (name, role and email address) and agreement to our Privacy Notice.
  • Upload your photographs, videos or other documents that show how you did it!
  • We will ask you to write a short description of how you completed each challenge. Think about how you met the judging categories and let us know how you felt about the challenge. This is optional: we are curious to hear what this experience was like for you!

And that’s it! Please, if you have any questions, contact us at

Prize Conditions

All incidental costs and expenses not specifically referred to herein as part of the prize description are the sole responsibility of the prize winner and/or guest(s), where applicable. All prize elements are subject to availability and substitution.

How it Will Be Judged

Maximum of 150 points available!
Each judge will award up to 5 points for each of the following categories:

Inspirational Power

This will motivate positive change!


Your Challenge is a game changer!

Our jury (a group of Pinkies from around the world!) will assess the results of each participant and assign points to them. If, after this ranking, identical totals of points prevent a clear indication of which candidate(s) should win, the jury, together with our Director, shall cast the deciding votes.

The winners will be announced on a livestream at 12:00 pm GMT on the 6th of March 2022!