International Rover Week

28 December 2022 - 4 January 2023


In International Rover Week, KISC aims to inspire you to create new initiatives and a better world in your own home country. During this event, you will be able to join us for the New Year’s celebration, but mainly you will be focusing on Youth Advocacy.

You can choose between two areas in your training:

  1. Peace Education & Human Rights
  2. Sustainability

There will be a selection process for the applicants, resulting in 31 young people coming together in the Swiss Alps to create change.

This seven-day event will give Rovers from all over the world the opportunity to come to KISC and learn how they can make a noticeable impact in their local communities, Scout Groups and NSO’s, through advocacy. KISC has been always inspiring young people to create new initiatives back in their home countries to create a better world. The main topic of the Centenary’s International Rover Week will be youth advocacy, focusing on two areas: 1) Peace Education & Human Rights, 2) Sustainability. 

Expected Outcomes
  • Participants will develop their understanding on the importance of youth advocacy within NSOs/NSAs.
  • Participants will acquire skills and knowledge that will empower them to speak out and act on issues linked to their community.
  • Participants will be encouraged to create change on a local, regional, national and international level in the fields of peace education, human rights and sustainability.
  • Participants will feel empowered to take a prominent role in their communities back home and share the new skills and knowledge they have acquired.

The programme consists of a virtual phase during December 2022 to get participants on board with the training. Starting 28th December, participants will have activities related to general knowledge about advocacy focusing on the bigger picture of the Global Challenges and Youth Trends by addressing the main considerations in the implementation of any initiative (innovation through digitalisation; monitoring, evaluation and reporting mechanisms and methodologies; Safe from Harm). Participants will then be into two working groups for the rest of the training, according to their personal interest: each focusing on the advocacy of 1) Peace Education & Human Rights and 2) Sustainability.

Participation fee

The participation fee for the event is 100 CHF, which covers the training cost, accommodation and meals.

Additional information

Any additional information can be found in the International Rover Week Information Pack. For example; Travel costs, Visa arrangements and insurance. 


Throughout the year, we will gather in Kandersteg to celebrate 100 years of inspiring young people to create a better world.


Our vision is that the centenary will be the beginning of the next 100 years with Baden-Powell’s dream of a Permanent Mini Jamboree.


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