Check in and out – Kander 100

27 July 2023 - 8 August 2023

Check in during Kander 100

27th of July – Arrival Day 

Before your arrival, the Booking Information in the portal should already reflect that every participant of your group/contingent has completed the Safe From Harm Training, the dietary/medical requirements are registered and the Guest Declaration is signed. 

Check in will be available at the Information Centre located next to the Campsite office on the 27th of July, please keep in mind that you might be asked to wait while we make sure the spaces are ready for you.  

Each group will receive a Welcome Pack containing useful information about the event, ID lanyards and scarves for each participant of your group/contingent (for safety reasons everyone must be wearing their own ID lanyard and Scarf for the whole duration of Kander 100). 

Here are the main steps you need to do for the check in:

  1. Go to the Information Centre in the campsite entrance.
  2. The main leader checks in on behalf of the group/contingent.
  3. Get the welcome package for your group.
  4. Double check your programme schedule, main meeting points and what you need to prepare for them.
  5. If you have full board or food supply package, check the timing for meals. 
  6. Get the app access to your group/contingent members.
  7. You will be able to pick up rentals and confirm extra programme activities booked, if you have any, and a staff member will guide you to your campsite or accommodation. 

Check out during Kander 100

8th of August – Departure Day

The World Scout Centre is run by volunteers and after this amazing event we will need your help to make it great for more Scouts to experience the Permanent Mini Jamboree. 

All groups/contingents are responsible for cleaning their accommodation/campsite, sorting out recycling and returning rentals (if there are any) before departing. Cleaning utensils will be provided and a guide on what needs to be done can be found in the Welcome Pack information or the app.  

A staff member will check the accommodation/campsite after cleaning and if there is anything extra that needs to be done, they will kindly let you know. It is advised to plan enough cleaning time in advance in case there is a bus/train/flight that you need to catch. 

Once you are done packing and cleaning your accommodation/campsite go to the Info Centre to complete your check-out where you will be able to close your bill and inform the staff about your departure. 


Throughout the year, we will gather in Kandersteg to celebrate 100 years of inspiring young people to create a better world.


Our vision is that the centenary will be the beginning of the next 100 years with Baden-Powell’s dream of a Permanent Mini Jamboree.


Kandersteg International Scout Centre has been run by volunteers since 1923. Join the team that creates lifelong memories.