See You in 100 Years event Terms and Conditions

28 December 2022 - 2 January 2023

1. Area of Application

These See You in 100 Years Terms & Conditions and Guest Declaration are binding for all bookings of the event See You in 100 Years at Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC) and are binding upon confirmation of your booking by KISC.


2. Behaviour

KISC is a Scout Centre with different prices and levels of service in comparison to a hotel or campsite. It is essential that all guests respect the rules and guidelines given by KISC and, if a Scout or Guide, keep their scout/guide law in mind at all times.

Guests that do not respect KISC’s rules, Swiss law or Scout law can be sent away. In such a case, KISC retains its right for payment of any services already booked and not used.

Groups staying at KISC must have at least one adult (18 years or older) responsible for the group with them for the entire duration of the stay. Guests staying at KISC need to comply with our Safe from Harm policy.

All guests staying at KISC are responsible for the equipment, accommodation and any facilities they use during their stay, including cleaning the facilities at the end of the stay. In case of misuse of facilities additional charges may apply.


3. Pricing

All prices are as advertised for See You in 100 Years and the KISC website and include VAT. Local tourist taxes and cantonal overnight taxes are billed separately by KISC on behalf of the tax authorities. Scout prices are granted to members of a National Scout Organisation recognized by either WOSM or WAGGGS. KISC follows the WOSM fee payment system (all countries categorised as A, B, C or D) and thus gives scouts a discount of 25-75% on overnights depending on the guest member organisation of WOSM (A-D). Scout groups must state in which pricing package they fall and be able to prove their eligibility for it. Special agreements are excluded. Infants up to the age of 5 are only charged for accommodation if they require their own bed. They can be accommodated in a cot supplied by the guests or KISC (limited availability). KISC reserves the right to change prices and taxes without prior notice. KISC also reserves the right to change the requested package of provisional bookings.


4. Payment Instalments

The payment for See You in 100 Years is in full in order to confirm the booking, due 30 days after the confirmation of registration by the See you in 100 years staff. 

The booking is confirmed once KISC receives the payment. This must be paid before the due date of 30 days after the confirmation of registration by the See You in 100 Years staff. If not paid before the due date, the booking will be cancelled.

If a visa support letter is required, the guest must request this immediately and no later than the 3oth of September 2023. After this date, in case of a denied visa, it will fall under our cancellation policy. Full payment is required before a support letter can be issued.

5. Cancellations

The guest is obliged to inform KISC immediately about any changes to the agreed contract in writing.

5.1. Reduction in numbers and/or amount of overnights

Groups may reduce their numbers by up to 10% from the original booking until 31st October 2023 without charge. If a group reduces their numbers by more than 10%, an administration fee of CHF 25 will be added for each participant beyond the 10% limitation.

If a group reduces the originally booked number of participants after 31st October 2023, an administration fee of CHF 25.00 will be added to the bill for each participant that does not check in. Please refer to the table in annex at the end of this page for a visual representation.

5.2. Programme bookings

For additional activities booked outside of the New Year programme, an activity cancellation fee is applied for cancellations or changes within less than 7 days notice. This fee is 50% of the cost of the activity per person, or CHF 5.- per person, whichever is larger. Cancellations or changes done within 48 hours before the start of the activity will not be refunded. For activities not run by KISC, or services provided by third parties as part of KISC run activities (e.g. mountain huts, transportation) the cancellation policy of the contracted company applies that may be different from above conditions. KISC will charge the respective cancellation fees to the guest.

5.3. Full Cancellation of booking

In case of a full cancellation On or before 31st September 2023 20% of the cost of the total booking package per person will be forfeited to the Centre.

In case of a full cancellation, after the 31st September 2023 50% of the cost of the total booking package per person will be forfeited to the Centre.

Please refer to the table in annex at the end of this page for a visual representation. Any bank charges as a result of returning instalments will be paid by the Guest.

Full Cancellation by KISC: The Centre is entitled to cancel bookings at any time without prior notice. In such a case, any instalments already paid will be reimbursed in full to the group.


6. Payment at the end of  See You in 100 Years

For any additional costs made during See You in 100 Years, bills fall due at the end of the event and have to be settled in full before departure. Currency of settlement is Swiss Francs and can be paid either in cash or with a credit/debit card. Cash payments are only accepted in Swiss Francs. An invoice can be issued only when agreed by KISC before arrival and must be paid within 10 days of departure in full in Swiss Francs. Bank charges are born by the guest.


7. Check-in and Check-out

Check-in is from 14:00 on 31st December 2023. Check-out is by 11:00 on 1st January 2024. Any group staying before of after these dates are subject to our General Terms and Conditions.

KISC reserves the right to ask for proof of identification (Passport, ID card, driver’s license) at check in time.


8. Food Services

The event offers Full Board service to all participants. The Full Board booking package includes all meals from the Centre, starting with a special New Year’s Eve (NYE) dinner on December 31st and offers a Brunch on January 1st. This needs to be considered for any meals on arrival/departure days and any lateness to one of the meals needs to be announced to KISC staff in advance. 

Groups are required to inform KISC of any dietary requirements of their participants latest by 31st November 2023. KISC’s kitchen facilities are operated by volunteer staff and all dietary requirements are catered for to the best of our ability. We cannot guarantee food to be 100% allergen free. It is the guest’s own risk to eat KISC catered meals in case they are suffering from a severe food allergy. If dietary requirements are not communicated in time, KISC cannot guarantee to be able to cater for the required diet or allergy. Price differences for special diets may occur. Any dietary requirements need to be declared to catering staff upon arrival in the Dining Hall.

9. Programme and Safety

The programme offered during See You in 100 Years is particularly suitable for the age range 11-26 years old. Participants under 12 years might not be able to participate in all activities, no reduction on the booked package fee will be given.

KISC is constantly working to increase the safety of the guests and KISC staff. To ensure the safety of the participants of See You in 100 Years, all groups are required to sign a Guest Declaration form upon Check-In. If the main leader of the group is not willing to sign the Guest Declaration form, the group will not be able to take part in programme guided by KISC or programme guided by external suppliers booked through KISC.

10. Insurance and liability

Guests must provide their own insurance coverage for personal liability, sickness and accidents during the stay at KISC. Any damage caused by a guest is fully payable by the guest, including false call outs of emergency services. KISC accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal property when staying at KISC. Damage claims against KISC are excluded as far as damage was not caused by negligence or intentionally. KISC will not be held responsible for damages which are caused by the actions or neglect of Staff should this conduct not fall under his/her responsibility; as cause of actions of third parties, other guests, the guest, acts of God, natural occurrences or official regulations. Should the group leader and/or group members not follow the instructions of KISC Staff then all liability of the KISC is dropped. KISC works with third parties, which provide valued services. In these situations KISC lawfully transfers the execution of the activity to the third party, and shall not be held responsible for the third party’s actions or neglect during execution of the activity.


11. Use of Data and Pictures

Personal data received in terms of the booking process will be saved by KISC. KISC has the right to process it and use it bookings with external (third party) suppliers, promotion, statistics and customer feedback. By doing so, your data will be kept strictly confidential and not sold nor disclosed to any not specified third parties. For further details on how we use your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy. Any photographs, video footage or voice recording, taken during your stay and/or on KISC activities, which contain members of your group can be used by KISC for promotional purposes. The responsibility to obtain parental consent for all subjects under the age of 16 years old, is with the leader of the party and signatory of the booking agreement.


12. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

If a problem of any nature arises during your time in Switzerland, that problem would be dealt with under Swiss law, despite the nationality of the involved parties. Please be aware that Swiss law proceedings might vary considerably from what you are used to and expect in your home country. Place of jurisdiction is Thun (BE). By filling in a booking request and receiving a confirmation from KISC, the Kander100 Terms & Conditions, the Rules and the Guest Declaration are accepted as binding under Swiss law.



Payment Instalment Policy:

   KISC to have received as payment
   In full   20 days after the confirmation of registration by See You in 100 Years staff

Cancellation Policy


  Detail      Charge 
  Partial cancellation (Decrease in number of people) 

  Before 31st October 2023 


  Less than 10% reduction of participants    No charge 
  More than 10% reduction of participants    CHF 25 per person beyond the 10% limitation. 
  After 31st October 2023     CHF 25 per person  
Full Cancellation Payment not made     No charge 
  Payment made   On or before 31st September 2023

  20% of total package cost per person 

 Payment made  After 31st September 2023

  50% of total package cost per person 

KISC Rules and Policies

All visitors on KISC premises are required to follow the rules and policies stated below. Guests that do not respect KISC’s rules and/or the Swiss law can be sent away. Violations of Swiss law will be reported to the local police authorities.

1. House rules

  1. Quiet Time is from 22:30h to 07:30h.
  2. Smoking is forbidden outside separately marked areas.
  3. All fire regulations must be followed. Fires must be raised off the ground and digging trenches is not allowed.
  4. Fireworks are forbidden on KISC property.
  5. It is forbidden to access the following areas: Railway tracks, Nature Reserve, the Kander River and mountain wall behind the campsite.
  6. Use of sleeping bags in KISC buildings is not accepted.
    Only exception is Tower, for which groups need to bring their own sleeping bags or linen in order to stay in the building. Sheets and pillow cases are provided by KISC, any other linen can be rented from KISC.
  7. No pets can be brought into the accommodation unless agreed in advance.
  8. Any form of commercial activities including selling of alcohol on KISC’s property is onlyallowed when explicitly approved in writing by KISC.
  9. Theft of any nature, including flags and other scout trophies, is not allowed at KISC and is considered as a criminal offence by the Swiss law.

2. Alcohol and drug policy

KISC strictly follows the Swiss law that prohibits the sale or free distribution of:

  • Wine, beer and cider to under 16-year-olds
  • Spirits, aperitifs and alcopops to under 18-year-olds

The use or possession of any kind of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited under Swiss law and therefore not accepted on KISC premises at any time.

KISC is not an alcohol free centre. However, the majority of guests are children or adolescents. Therefore we expect our guests to be role models and reduce the consumption of alcohol to a minimum.

KISC has set the following framework regarding the consumption of alcohol on its premises:

  • Drunken behaviour is not tolerated on our premises at all times.
  • At special occasions and events, wine and beer is sold to people over 16. This can be restricted by the leader of the group.
  • If in doubt of the age of an adolescent guest, an official ID has to be requested (passport, identity card or driving license) to determine the exact age.
  • In the privacy of their own rooms or campsite, guests can consume alcohol as long as this does not cause any form of offense to other guests. Alcohol is not to be seen in public areas of the centre except for special events.
  • If people consume alcohol outside the premises of KISC, it is their own and sole responsibility.

3. Safe from Harm Policy

KISC is fully committed to ensure that young people, guests and staff are protected and kept safe from harm while at KISC or taking part in its activities. Such harm includes all forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation, including sexual abuse. KISC does not accept any kind of harassment or discrimination of other persons regarding their race, sex, religion or ethnicity. Under Swiss law, adulthood is reached at the age of 18 years. Sexual relationships of adults with children and adolescents younger than 16 years are prohibited. Observations of misconduct within KISC properties or during KISC activities are to be reported immediately to a senior manager of KISC.

All guests attending See You in 100 Years are required to apply to the KISC Safe From Harm policy and complete the specific See You in 100 Years Safe From Harm Course.

4. Privacy and Data Protection

I declare that I have read and understood the terms of the Privacy Policy of Kandersteg International Scout Centre, and that I shall fulfil my responsibility to obtain and express informed and unambiguous consent from all members of my party, or their legal guardians when applicable, for the processing of their data and personal image.