About the Centenary

100 years of inspiring young people to create a better world

Set in the heart of the Swiss Alps and offering a vision of what the world could be, Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC) is a magical place. It brings together young people from different nationalities and diverse cultures and backgrounds to experience high adventure and international friendship, inspire each other, and create a better world.

In a world faced with critical challenges, KISC shows what is possible when young people live and work together without borders. This ranges from the young international volunteer staff who are empowered to operate the Centre, to the guests from around the world who visit to have fun and learn together, share their Scouting experiences, and build a peaceful future.

Founded in 1923 by Robert Baden-Powell, KISC is the only World Scout Centre. It hosts the Permanent Mini Jamboree throughout the year, operates in the spirit of Scouting, and strives to achieve the highest environmental standards and sustainable behaviour.

Over a million Scouts and Guides have visited KISC since its foundation and have lived its values on their return home to make their world a little better than they found it. The Centenary of KISC offers an opportunity for us all to celebrate its achievements, secure its future, and share its vision.

The KISC Centenary Celebrations

In 2023, Kandersteg International Scout Centre can celebrate 100 years of inspiring young people to create a better world. An opportunity to show KISC at its very best to visiting Scouts and Guides.

By celebrating 100 years of Kandersteg International Scout Centre, we want every visitor to feel welcome at the World Scout Centre from the first day and ensure that they leave with the best experience ever. Visitors to the Centre will experience the unique panorama of the Swiss Alps and a broad range of programme content that appeals to and challenges the heart, mind, and body. Combined with a campsite welcoming 1,500 guests, some 400 beds across our four buildings and a full catering operation, it offers the right mix throughout the year for domestic and international guests.

Following the renovation and expansion of the main buildings from 1996 to 2009, and the Welcome2KISC project through 2016, the Centre is now ready to embark on a next appeal marking the Permanent Mini Jamboree’s Centenary in 2023.

Our vision is that the centenary is not only going to be a celebration of the past 100 years. It will be the beginning of the next 100 years with Baden- Powell’s dream of a Permanent Mini Jamboree in Kandersteg.

Where it all began

The Story of KISC

1906 – 1922

After the 1st World Scout Jamboree the Scouts lookout for a place where they could live Jamboree feeling 365 days per year and find it in Kandersteg.

1923 – 1948

Scouts from all around travel to Kandersteg to visit the Permanent Mini Jamboree and the Chalet soon becomes the home of the 1st Rover Moot creating peace and friendships.

1949 – 1992

The world meets at KISC during several big events such as Rover Moots or the Kristall ‘79. This increase in guests numbers also means development in Staff. Not only was the Staff Structure developed but the iconic colour pink was introduced.

Moot 1953 flag break

1993 – 2014

The increase in guest numbers ask for KISC to grow. Extensions and acquisition of buildings make it possible to offer up to 355 beds. It was not only time for growth but also a time of celebrations of 100 years of the Scout Movement.


2016 – 2020

It is all about making our guests feel welcome and like at home! KISC is trying to constantly improve and use guests’ feedback for further development.

Aims for the Centenary


The largest-ever number of National Scout Organisations will be actively engaged with the Centenary of KISC in 2023

WOSM and KISC will create an international learning experience, enabling Scouts and non-Scouts to be inspired to create a better world.

KISC will have extensive engagement at the highest levels of government and NGOs in Switzerland and beyond, resulting in significant long-term benefits for the Centre.

The membership of KISC’s Association will be significantly enlarged to a greater extent than ever before.

The KISC Association and Foundation will be debt-free.


Throughout the year, we will gather in Kandersteg to celebrate 100 years of inspiring young people to create a better world.


Our vision is that the centenary will be the beginning of the next 100 years with Baden-Powell’s dream of a Permanent Mini Jamboree.


Kandersteg International Scout Centre has been run by volunteers since 1923. Join the team that creates lifelong memories.